Artist’s Statement and General Info

I took a Community College drawing class in 2009; we used pastels, and I fell in love with the medium. They have such intense color! I love that you apply them directly with your hands: no brush as an intermediary. I started painting regularly a year later, at the age of sixty. It’s been a fascinating experience to be a novice at something at this point in my life, and very satisfying to see my work develop. I now find that I can make paintings that are closer to my inner vision, that better express what I want to say. I have found the art community welcoming, and other artists have been both encouraging and generous with time and information.

I want to express the inner aliveness of things, particularly in the natural world. While I like art that is at least somewhat representational, I am not all that interested in accurate depiction. Rather, what I want to show is the spirit and energy – and even occasionally magic – that is present in every aspect of nature. Since I have started painting, the world looks more beautiful to me. I didn’t know that would happen! Things sometimes appear almost lit from within, and it’s that inner light that I want to convey.

I live in Worcester, VT. Vermont is an endless and glorious source of inspiration for paintings, and I feel very fortunate to be here.


I am happy to consider commissions. Do you have a favorite landscape – a vacation spot, your honeymoon locale, your own home? A painting of such a place can make a meaningful gift. Some people have commissioned “copies” (art is never an exact copy, of course) of paintings I’ve made that were sold. Prices on commissions are based on the size of the painting, just as they are with my other paintings.

Pricing and practicalities

I feel strongly that art is a communication, and as such, is meant to go live with people who love it. You will find prices by each image. You would also pay shipping (meaning the exact amount I am charged), and Vermont sales tax if you are an in-state buyer. Unframed pieces can be priced lower, although you will likely find that you cannot get them framed less expensively than I did, since I did most of the work myself.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, you can contact me at or call me at 802-223-3591.

Prints and Notecards


Here I am at a show at the local art store, The Drawing Board.

And at a show at the Red Hen, a local bakery and cafe.

Here I am (seated) with another artist (Anne Unangst, standing), painting at Caspian Lake in Vermont. Oh, isn’t the life of an artist tough? “Rick’s Sailboat” is the painting I made here.

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