More traditional landscape

“Starting to Clear,” 9″ x 12″. Here is that moment when the clouds part enough that you know it’s really clearing. My grandmother used to say “enough blue sky to make a pair of “Dutchman’s britches.” This is probably not enough for britches, but it’s coming. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping]

“How the Light Gets In,” 145 1/2 x 17 1/2. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of sky from my window and go tearing across the road to where I know I have an unobstructed view. This was one of those times. The light! It’s like the beating heart of the cloud. [$375 framed, plus tax and shipping]

“November Snow,” 9″ x 12″. The early snowfalls often leave the taller brush poking through, as is the case here. I was drawn to the curve of the brush line, but also – as always – the sky. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

“All Aflame, 12″ x 16”. This scene was right in the middle of my town. Last fall was especially spectacular, as you can see. I feel so fortunate to live somewhere where a view like this is commonplace in the fall. [$425 framed, plus tax and shipping]

“Icy,” 12″ x 9″. A sledding hill in Stowe under dramatic clouds. The late afternoon sun makes the packed snow shine. I went down it once only! [300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

“Arising,” 17″ x 15″. You will find a very different version of this image on the “Not-So-Traditional-Landscape” page. I have always admired this little stand of poplars; I see them regularly when I drive into Montpelier. It’s unusual that I want to paint the same image twice, but the combination of the brilliant grass, dramatic clouds, and tree shadows is just magical. [$475 framed, plus tax and shipping]

“Opening,” 12″ x 18″. I continue to love painting skies. Here, like those fortunate moments in life, the clouds are just beginning to give way to clarity. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

“Promise” 18″ x 14″. The sunrise truly was this stunning. It’s a promise of the day to come. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping}

“Welcome Home, 12″ x 9”. It’s not my home, but to my eye it seems a lovely representation of the idea of home. Do you see the crescent moon high up and near the tree? [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

 “Midsummer Maple,” 16″ x 20″. Here in Vermont, they are as common as mud, but there is no tree I like better than the maple. This one is in the fullness of its glory, lush and dense. The bit of mountains, the hit of magenta in the phlox, and the mostly-hidden house all make wonderful supporting players. [$500 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

  “Winter in Parentheses,” 12″ x 18″. This is a portrait of the depths of winter. Can you feel the cold? The sun is low and weak, but even in winter there is light and the cool beauty of the sweep of snow. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

  “Yellow House,” 11″ x 14″. The light was so beautiful this day. The far hills, with their texture of bright snow, contrasted with the soft dark sky. Light makes the difference between the everyday and the striking. [ $400 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

  “Sky Song,” 9″ x 12″. A November morning right up the road from me. But I changed the clouds (of course!) to convey an uplifting quality to the sky in contrast to the stillness of the late fall earth. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

layers-of-fall“Layers of Fall,” 12″ x 9″. This was a hazy day, and the most distant hills are cool, soft and barely visible. But the color intensity increases until you move forward in the painting, until you reach those near maples. Fire! Heat! I think of fall as an opportunity to soak up a blast of color before the quiet limited palette of winter. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping]

DSCF2524 (2) “Portal,” 12″ x 16″. From a photo taken by my cousin. The minute I saw the photo I knew I wanted to paint it. That light! To me, this painting expresses something of our universal longing to move toward light in our lives. [$425 framed, plus tax and shipping]

At the Mountain's Feet “At the Mountain’s Feet,” 9″ x 12″. Our iconic Camel’s Hump! The mountain is always beautiful, but I particularly loved the tree of many colors in the foreground.  [$295 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

Thimble Peak Sunset “Thimble Peak Sunset,” 9″ x 12″. I drove up Mt. Lemmon, outside of Tucson, for sunset photos, and this is the result of one of them. The southwest mountains are so unfamiliar to the eyes of someone used to the soft contours of the much-older eastern mountains. They have fantastic jagged shapes. Thimble Peak is aptly named, isn’t it? Beautiful layers of sky and layers of mountains. [$200 unframed, plus tax and shipping.]

Dusk Comes Early

“Dusk Comes Early, ” 9″ x 12″. Yes, dusk comes very early this time of year, and a late afternoon walk will reward you with the soft colors of the end of the day. Such a soft scene, with the colors of the sky in the snow and even in the gold grasses poking above the snow. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]


“Gateway,” 14″ x 11″. The early morning sky framed by these trees looked like a door to me, an opening to the day. So beautiful. This painting won a prize in the VT Pastel Society show at the Wood Art Gallery. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

Winter Brilliance “Winter Brilliance,” 9″ x 12″. My road in the winter. There can be a particular saturation of light in winter, when the daylight bounces off the snow so that both sky and snow add light to the landscape. Fortunately, this is just when we need it most! [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

DSCF1055 (3) “Sumac,” 20″ x 16″. I named the painting after the red of the sumac in the middle ground, but what captivated me here was the sky. I have taken liberties with it, of course! But to my eye, the grassy path and the shapes of the gone-to-seed goldenrod patches both serve mostly to lead you to the sky. The sumac bushes are like sentries, or doors, standing at the entry to the clouds. [$500 framed, plus tax and shipping]

Warm Barn, Cold Winter

“Warm Barn, Cold Winter,” 9″ x 12″. I really enjoyed the putting colors in the snow in this painting. Blues, of course, but also pink! Lavender! Gold! Magenta! I underpainted with gold and magenta, too, to add a warmth and vividness to the scene. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping]


“Breaking Through,” 9″ x 12″. Sometimes the early morning light is so magnificent: the complex shapes of the clouds and the combination of soft and bright colors in the sky. This morning was one of those. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping]

My Neighbor's Barn

“My Neighbor’s Barn,” 16″ x 19 3/4″. This is exactly as the title says, perhaps a quarter mile from my home. It was a soft, misty morning with the bright orange of late foliage still on the trees and lining the road. Beautiful! This painting won an Honorable Mention at the Champlain Valley Fair! [$500 framed + tax and shipping]

To the Mountains

“To the Mountains,” 12″ x 16″. This is in north-central Vermont. I love, love, love the curves of the corn in early summer. And in this case, they seem to lead you right to those mountains in the background. [$450 framed + tax and shipping]

Snowy Path

“Snowy Path,” 9″ x 12″. There is a website where photographers post photos that they make available, for free, to artists. This is a generous act, since their work is copyrighted (as is art). I wanted a woods and snow scene, so that I could experiment with emphasizing colors in the winter trees and snow; winter is not all black-and-white. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping]


“Last Light,” 5″ x 7″. This is on Caspian Lake in north-central Vermont. I like going out in the canoe in the evening to watch the sunset. This scene seemed particularly peaceful, with the soft salmon and pale gold of the sky reflected in the water. ($100 unframed, plus tax and shipping)


“View of the Bay,” 5″ x 7″. This is near the shore in Maine. I stayed there with a friend, and I still remember the amazing fish sandwiches from the summer food stand conveniently located almost next door. It was lovely to open the door and let the salty breeze in. ($100 unframed, plus tax and shipping)

“Winter Shadows,” 11″ x 14″. For the “Eye of the Beholder” show. This house and barn are on Minister Brook Road, very near where I live: I drive by it all the time. I liked putting in some warm magenta to contrast with the cool shadows and to add some liveliness to this winter scene. ($400 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“Bleu Lavande,” 11 x 14″. This is the result of a trip to a lavender farm in Quebec, Canada. The air smelled of soap, well, really lavender soap! The lavender had gone by, for the most part, but the wonderful thing about art is that you can resurrect colors in whatever way you please! ($400 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“By Berlin Pond,” 9″ x 12″. A soft summer afternoon, a cloudy sky, and the sweet interplay of water and marsh grasses. What’s not to love? ($300 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“Desert Wildflowers,” 9″ x 12″. I did this painting from a scene in the southern California desert. I got all set up to paint, and noticed bees next to me. I figured I’d ignore them. Then I discovered flies landing on me. They weren’t biting, so I ignored them, too. Then I started sweating onto my painting. Not good with pastels. I sat up straighter. About five minutes into working, I looked down and saw a wide column of ants marching toward me, with the front guard climbing into my pastel box. Abort! Abort! I took photos and finished the painting at home. The perils of painting outdoors! ($300 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“Five Palms,” 9″ x 12″. This is also a painting from southern California, but in this case I actually was able to finish it outside! Hooray! Palm trees are definitely not my usual subject. ($200 unframed, plus tax & shipping

9 Responses to More traditional landscape

  1. Cathy Carey says:

    Your website it a burst of colorful joy! I have enjoyed watching your work blossom. Your descriptions under each are insightful and fun to read. Great work all around!
    Cathy Carey

  2. Carole Hass says:

    Do you paint in your sleep?

  3. Joann Hinz says:

    Your art has a mystical quality. I took the photo in Tipperary but was disappointed that the camera couldn’t capture the shimmering magic of the hoarfrost or that archetypal “dancing heaviness” of the mountain fields. You did it.

  4. Gail Anderson says:

    How do I find out what the pictures cost? I especially like the Shadows on the Road and the Bleu
    Lavande. You are growing into your art, I see, or is it growing into you?

    • To Gail and other interested people – You can email me ( to find out prices. But in general, I try to keep my art affordable; I believe that art is meant to go live with people who love it! I try to price small paintings (5″ x 7″) under $200 and middle-sized ones (9″ x 12″) under $300. Larger pieces are more, naturally. These are prices for framed pieces. Since framing is my major expense, I can offer even lower prices if you want to buy something unframed – although then, of course, YOU have the expense of framing it!

  5. Tatiana says:

    Just purchased “Hidden Brook”. LOVE it! Reminds me of a section of woods on our property. And love supporting a local artist. Will be adding to my collection again, I’m sure.

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