Not-so-traditional landscape


“Headed to Camp,” 11″ x 14″. That’s Caspian Lake in the distance, shining like a beacon. I completely invented colors for this painting (I know, the sky is not usually magenta!) and love the magenta with that light turquoise. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

 “Yin-Yang Landscape,” 12″ x 16″. The title refers to the contrast between the quiet of the lake and the fiery movement and color of the foreground. This is Caspian Lake in Greensboro, VT. I like this very much: the vividness of the colors and the rhythm of those grasses make me happy! [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

 “In Green Pastures,” 12″ x 16″. I really like the drama that a black background gives to a painting. In this case, the sweep of that bright yellow-green against the black was (if I do say so myself!) stunning. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

  “Forest Dream,” 12″ x 24″. This painting took more effort than most, and I kept returning to it over a period of two or three months. But it was worth it. It is no real forest, it is the dream of a forest, the magic of a forest. [$500 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

 “Summer Laughter,” 12″ x 16″. Driving the back roads last summer, I came across this field of flowers. What a delight! I combined it with playful rounded clouds, which do make me think of laughter bubbling up. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

 “Stowe Autumn,” 9″ x 12″. This is a view from behind the village, partway up the mountain road. I used black paper and a light touch to create a textured effect and to accentuate the powerful colors of fall. I like the results! [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

dscf2828-2 “Worcester Village,” 9″ x 12″. Home! Although this is a very stylized version of the view that is familiar to all Worcesterites. I’ve greatly simplified the scene, and it makes me happy: that sweet iconic village in a purple-green-yellow color palette. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

Neon Cactus “Neon Cactus,” 12″ x 9″. The prickly pear have such fun balloon-shaped pads that I thought I’d make them fun colors as well. I experimented with several color combinations before settling on this one. I like it very much indeed. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

Saguaro Silhouette “Saguaro Silhouettes,” 9″ x 12″. Saguaros are so varied. The Native people, the Tohono O’odham, say that they are people. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.] It’s worth showing the reference photo for this one…here it is:

DSCF1438   As you can see, I completely invented the sky! The painting is much yummier, don’t you think? I shortened the saguaros a bit to emphasize the sky.


204 “Cool River Depths,” 9″ x 12″. This is the Black River, out behind the Art House in Craftsbury. Isn’t that pointed rock appealing? I pushed the colors toward blue to emphasize the cool mystery of the water. This painting won third place in pastels at the Champlain Valley Fair! [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping]


“Along the Way,” 18″ x 12″. This was interesting! I kept the pine needles (and the sky) more or less their actual color, but pushed everything else toward red, even the mountains. I like the result, which has almost a western feel. The linearity of the pines towering over the shed and the sinuous road make a nice contrast. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping]

Late-Day Grace

“Late-Day Grace,” 16″ x 20″. I make art goals episodically, and one of them is always that I want to make art that I love so much I can hardly stand it! This painting meets that standard for me. I love the colors and the glow of the sun and the complicated sky. [$500 framed, plus tax and shipping.]


“Sky Lilacs,” 9″ x 12″. Maybe I have arrived at a new stage as an artist: most of this image came to me in a dream! I saw the sky – yes, that color and texture – and the large bunch of lilacs at the top more or less as I painted them. I had a vague sense of green underneath, and decided to add the small farmhouse and other lilac bushes. There is something haunting about this image, I think, which makes sense given its origins. [$200 unframed, plus tax and shipping}


“February Dawn,” 9″ x 18″. Oh, my, I love these colors! I took the photo early one morning, looking to catch the early sun on the snow. Then I altered the colors, with magenta light on the blue of the snow and hot red-orange with magenta in the trees. I like how the play of light describes the undulations of the snow. [$350 framed, plus tax and shipping]

Afternoon Enchantment - Hill

“Afternoon Enchantment,” 16″ x 20″. Take a look in the “Sold” page and you will see a painting very similar indeed to this one. “Enchanted Afternoon” sold right after I made it, and I wanted another version of it for a show. So here it is! Almost the same title, too. But there are subtle differences between the paintings: like the parent of twins, I can tell them apart. Can you? This painting won second place at the Champlain Valley Fair!  [$500 framed, plus tax and shipping]


“Suffused With Gold, 16″ x 12”. I wanted to show that look of late afternoon in the early summer, when everything seems gilded, glowing. The sky has almost a gold haze and the trees look lit from within. It’s as if the sun were expressing itself in every leaf and blade of grass. [$450, plus tax and shipping]

004 (4)

“That Slanting Light,” 9″ x 12″. From an early morning photo shoot. I was so taken by the ribbon of bright light across the snow and just striking the tops of the buildings. In reality, this scene was almost all white: white snow, white buildings. But I can fix that! [$200 unframed, plus tax and shipping]

Hill - In the Meadow

“In the Meadow,” 11″ x 14″. This meadow is in East Hardwick; that sweep of grasses and brush had such beautiful movement to it. It was such fun to make it even more alive with hints or rich red and oranges. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping]


“Glorious,” 6″ x 11 1/4″. Sunset on Caspian Lake in north-central Vermont. I painted this on sueded card, which is like painting on butter, mmmmm. The texture of the sueded surface adds a depth and richness to this scene that I don’t think I would get with my usual sanded paper. Oh, my, it certainly was glorious! ($250 framed, plus tax and shipping)


“Two Feet of Snow,” 10″ x 18 1/2″. Very early morning on the County Road into Montpelier, not far from where I live. I decided to play with the snow colors; especially at either end of the day, snow is rarely white. I really liked putting all that magenta in there!($375 framed + tax and shipping)

“June Rhythm,” 18″ x 24″. This scene is in Calais, a neighboring town. I was completely enamored of the patterns the rows of corn made. And it made me happy to translate that into  purple and teal stripes in the foreground. ($600 framed, plus tax and shipping)

“Sherbet Road,” 7″ x 10″. This is another interpretation of  “Sky Road,” which you can see on the “sold” page. Since that one left, and I needed one of this scene for a special show (“In the Eye of the Beholder” – check out the description in “What’s New”), I figured that I would really go nuts with the color! Good enough to eat, isn’t it? ($225 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“Yellow Field,” 5″ x 7″. And this is the second one I made the same day. This sky was not really yellow, either! But I wanted to capture the sense of mid-summer heat and light, and yellow does that better than blue. ($100 unframed, plus tax & shipping)

“Spring Sentinels,” 9″ x 12″. Another example of spring with really strong color. This view is also at the Sparrow Farm. How fortunate I am to live somewhere with subjects for art all around me! I like the rhythm of this row of trees, each with its own character. ($300 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“Strawberry Skies,” 5 1/2 x 7″. I am enjoying making sky that is pink or yellow rather than blue. In this case, I like the way the pink contrasts with the green of the hill. ($250 framed, plus tax & shipping)



4 Responses to Not-so-traditional landscape

  1. Carole Hass says:

    Do you dream in color?

  2. Joann Hinz says:

    A Tree Dance!

  3. Gail Anderson says:

    What a novel use of color! I like it a lot; it helps me to really “see” the scene because I am so surprised and the contrast forces me to assess what is fantasy and what is not. How freeing!

  4. Jan Litwack says:

    Marcia , I am delighted to see more of your work; Jan Litwack April 12,2014

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