Town scenes, flowers, food, and abstract

“Time Heals,” 14″ x 11″. I painted this in late 2020. So much seemed to be falling apart. I wanted to show possibility, the change from jagged and chaotic to graceful and curved. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping]

dscf2828-2 “Worcester Village,” 9″ x 12″. Home! Although this is a very stylized version of the view that is familiar to all Worcesterites. I’ve greatly simplified the scene, and it makes me happy: that sweet iconic village in a purple-green-yellow color palette. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

Maine Meets Bermuda

“Maine Meets Bermuda,” 9″ x 12″. In reality, the buildings in this Maine town scene were all white, so I decided to make them pastel colors. Two people spontaneously said to me, on seeing the painting, that it looked like Bermuda (I have never been to Bermuda), thus the name. A warmer version of classic New England! [$200 unframed, plus tax and shipping.]


“Rainy Montpelier Night,” 9″ x 12″. This was during the night of Montpelier’s Fourth of July celebration. It poured! I really like the reflections on the wet sidewalk, and the people all tucked up against the building for shelter. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping]

“Summer in Vermont 1,” 5″ x 7″. After the painting of cinnamon buns, I was inspired and went down to the local creemee stand. (In Vermont, we call soft-serve ice cream “creemees.”) I stopped every person coming through the line and asked if I could take a photo of their creemee before they ate it. Everyone said yes. In retrospect, I imagine that they were all thinking, “Crazy woman, better do as she asks!” ($200 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“Summer in Vermont 3,” 9″ x 12″. This is the last in the series…..unless I get inspired again! I made an even stronger graphic design with this one, simplifying the ferns a bit and adding bright bands of color. I like it! It’s a black raspberry/vanilla twist cone, mmmmm. ($200 unframed, plus tax & shipping.)

“Out-Standing!”  9″ x 12″.  Aren’t sunflowers fun? This is a very amped-up interpretation of a sunflower field in Shelburne, VT. One sunflower really was that much taller than the rest – an over-achiever! ($200 unframed, plus tax & shipping)

“Shelburne Vineyards,” 5″ x 7″. Wine and fruit, what could be better? ($200 framed, plus tax and shipping)

“Heavenly Blue,” 9″ x 12″. These morning glories were growing near a neighbor’s house just a bit down the street from my office. I like the weathered fence contrasted with the lively blue of the flowers, and the beautiful tangle of reddish stems. ($300 framed, plus tax & shipping)

3 Responses to Town scenes, flowers, food, and abstract

  1. Carole Hass says:

    Mimi, these are just fabulous. What a colorful, enriching journey this has been for you.

  2. 4asyouare says:

    Looking for a word that hasn’t been discovered yet to describe the experience I have when I take in your paintings…..until I do, the experience is as if they are edible to any sense, not just taste!!! I feel so invited to take them in, like they are asking me to take a sit with them and enjoy some tea or lemonade. It’s as each one has their own little soul.

  3. Jana O'Keefe says:

    Saw some of your art at the Round Barn in Waitsfield this October; purchased a print of the painting “Hollyhock Window” for a friend and am now framing it and found your website for more information. Nice work — looks like it’s evolving. . .!

    Are the tulip paintings still looking for a new home?

    Town scenes, flowers, and food

    “Tulip 3,” 5″ x 7″. A tulip closeup from underneath! I like the contrast of the purple background. (This and the red tulip were part of a series. Only two of these little tulip paintings left, so will sell for $50/each unframed, or $75 for both, plus tax and shipping)

    “Tulip 4,” 5″ x 7″. Mmmmm, red, red, red. (Only two of these little tulip paintings left, so will sell for $50/each unframed, or $75 for both, plus tax and shipping)

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