My Great Leap Forward, final installment

Still catching up from my prior blog posts that never got published. This was originally dated May 28th.

May 28, 2014

And here is the final installment of my Great Leap Forward (I hope!) with art. If you missed the prior two, you can see them below.

After trying a couple of the experiments Cathy Carey suggested, and doing my art self-study, I knew that the next step would me to find a theme that I wanted to use for painting. But I really had no idea at all about what that might be. Then I was driving to work one day, and the Painting Muse — who apparently can pass right through a car — smacked me upside the head and I thought: tree portraits! I want to do tree portraits! I immediately had a flood of ideas about how to make that topic varied and interesting. I would paint groupings of trees or parts of trees or a single splendid tree. I thought of several interesting ways to use color. Wheee!

After I calmed down (a visit from the Painting Muse rattles a person), I gave some thought to how I would unify the series. I would frame them all the same, I thought: in simple light wood frames, 16″ x 20.” That would allow me to paint two sizes, 16″ x 20″ and 12″ x 16″ with a mat to bring that to the larger size. These sizes seemed big enough to make a statement without being so large that I would be committing myself to an impossible framing expense.

I have now made five tree paintings. In fact, it is all I want to do. I decided not to put them up on my website, a first for me. I am imagining a solo show, and I want them all to be never-before-seen. And if I put them on the website, people will perhaps want to buy them (it happens!) and I want to accumulate a decent number for the series. Where I think I will get the venue for this solo show, I do not know! But I think I need to just do the work and then see what happens, or rather, what I can make happen. So I am happily embarked upon this mission.

In other news, the bunnies (snowshoe hares, actually) that live under the deck have (surprise!) made more bunnies. I saw a young moose when I was walking one morning; the moose, like the rest of us, are out and about. The ferns have unfurled their curly fronds and the apple trees are blooming. And I found an emptied robin’s egg a week or so ago: some enterprising couple started early. We have leaves, leaves, leaves, that beautiful gilded green of late spring.


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1 Response to My Great Leap Forward, final installment

  1. Michele Clark says:

    I am really enjoying hearing about your process, Marcia, and now that it’s up to date, I look forward to hearing more…

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