Imagination Meets Reality

Often I paint more or less what it in front of me, but this most recent painting is nothing like the photo! (Well, a little like it.) It’s a portrait of my home town, Worcester, VT. The view is one all Worcesterites know, from partway up the hill opposite the one on which I live. Here’s a photo from this fall:


This was my starting point, then I set about making changes. The autumn colors would be a distraction for this piece, so I changed it to summer. I stylized the mountains, added more layers of them, and made them purple, well, because I can! And because I liked it! Same thing with the yellow and orange in the sky: Yellow is purple’s opposite, and the two together just sing. Further, the sky and mountain colors, because they are not real, communicate the magical quality that I wanted. I  created a greater sweep of field, because I wanted the additional contrast between the visual smoothness of the field and the texture of the forest. I eliminated many of the buildings, choosing just a few to represent the whole. I liked that most of the buildings are white, but I made a couple more of the roofs red, so that the red of the barn-like structure on the left had a little visual company. Here is the result:


“Worcester Village,” 9″ x 12″

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5 Responses to Imagination Meets Reality

  1. ruth parvin says:

    I love reading about what you did and why. How did you get so smart about art and color and texture?

  2. Gail Anderson says:

    It is indeed magical and I imagine that all sorts of magical folks live here, possibly including gnomes, wizards and talking frogs. Thank you for stroking my imagination.

  3. Michele Clark says:

    So, my question is: Can you do this with reality in general? If so, I’ll sign up for a class. Jut kidding. I very much enjoy how you discuss your process. I love the finished result.

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