Village Portraits

This is the second town portrait I’ve painted. I’m enjoying trying slightly different approaches with them. They are small paintings (9″ x 12″), which gives me a chance to try something out without investing a huge amount of time. The first was a portrait of Worcester, my home:

The most recent painting is a view of Stowe. I’m looking at the town from behind the village, a view you can see partway up the mountain road. It’s a fall scene, and I used black paper for a stark contrast with the bright colors. A light touch with the pastels meant that the paper showed through just a bit, lending a kind of textured effect. I did very little blending, instead allowing the pure colors to speak for themselves. Here is the result:

“Stowe Autumn,” 9″ x 12″

I’m enjoying the various styles and the lovely simplicity of Vermont’s small towns. Perhaps this is the start of a series!


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4 Responses to Village Portraits

  1. michele j clark says:

    These are lovely – the Worcester one sentimental in the good sense – warm – , the Stowe one rugged – an interesting contrast…

  2. Gail Anderson says:

    I like the texturing the background black paper affords. It does appear Vermont has some very beautiful small towns, rolling hills and water, in this case, a river. Is it such that it can be paddled by canoe? I think a series of the small towns is a swell idea!

    • This river, like many in the state, is full of rocks and small waterfalls and is not canoeing material. But there are larger rivers that are good for canoes, at least in stretches.

  3. These are both beautiful! You live in a beautiful area! I’m excited that I have the postcard of “Worcester Village.” (Dropping by from Kat’s LYA 2017)

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