Town scenes, flowers, food, and abstract

“Time Heals,” 14″ x 11″. I painted this in late 2020. So much seemed to be falling apart. I wanted to show possibility, the change from jagged and chaotic to graceful and curved. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping]

“Transition,” 11″ x 14″. This is also a painting about possibility. Much is sharp, confused, harsh. But see the beginnings of the bubbles even among the shards at the bottom? The possibility is soft and light and harmonious. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

dscf2828-2 “Worcester Village,” 9″ x 12″. Home! Although this is a very stylized version of the view that is familiar to all Worcesterites. I’ve greatly simplified the scene, and it makes me happy: that sweet iconic village in a purple-green-yellow color palette. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

Cupcake! “Cupcake!,” 9″ x 12″. This was so much fun to paint! Look at that soft blob of icing, yum. It’s a watercolor. I ate the cupcake after I painted it, too. [$250 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

Maine Meets Bermuda

“Maine Meets Bermuda,” 9″ x 12″. In reality, the buildings in this Maine town scene were all white, so I decided to make them pastel colors. Two people spontaneously said to me, on seeing the painting, that it looked like Bermuda (I have never been to Bermuda), thus the name. A warmer version of classic New England! [$200 unframed, plus tax and shipping.]


“Rainy Montpelier Night,” 9″ x 12″. This was during the night of Montpelier’s Fourth of July celebration. It poured! I really like the reflections on the wet sidewalk, and the people all tucked up against the building for shelter. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping]

“With Cream Cheese Icing!” 5″ x 7″. This was inspired by the work of artist Wayne Thiebauld, who makes paintings of cake and ice cream (among other things). My first thought on seeing his work was, “You can make paintings of CAKE?” Why have I been making landscapes all this time?” As it happened, I was baking giant cinnamon buns that same week, and I thought, “Why not?” So I took photos; I knew they wouldn’t last long enough to paint! Here is the result. Good enough to eat! ($200 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“Summer in Vermont 1,” 5″ x 7″. After the painting of cinnamon buns, I was inspired and went down to the local creemee stand. (In Vermont, we call soft-serve ice cream “creemees.”) I stopped every person coming through the line and asked if I could take a photo of their creemee before they ate it. Everyone said yes. In retrospect, I imagine that they were all thinking, “Crazy woman, better do as she asks!” ($200 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“Summer in Vermont 3,” 9″ x 12″. This is the last in the series…..unless I get inspired again! I made an even stronger graphic design with this one, simplifying the ferns a bit and adding bright bands of color. I like it! It’s a black raspberry/vanilla twist cone, mmmmm. ($200 unframed, plus tax & shipping.)

“Out-Standing!”  9″ x 12″.  Aren’t sunflowers fun? This is a very amped-up interpretation of a sunflower field in Shelburne, VT. One sunflower really was that much taller than the rest – an over-achiever! ($200 unframed, plus tax & shipping)

“Shelburne Vineyards,” 5″ x 7″. Wine and fruit, what could be better? ($200 framed, plus tax and shipping)

“Heavenly Blue,” 9″ x 12″. These morning glories were growing near a neighbor’s house just a bit down the street from my office. I like the weathered fence contrasted with the lively blue of the flowers, and the beautiful tangle of reddish stems. ($300 framed, plus tax & shipping)

3 Responses to Town scenes, flowers, food, and abstract

  1. Carole Hass says:

    Mimi, these are just fabulous. What a colorful, enriching journey this has been for you.

  2. 4asyouare says:

    Looking for a word that hasn’t been discovered yet to describe the experience I have when I take in your paintings…..until I do, the experience is as if they are edible to any sense, not just taste!!! I feel so invited to take them in, like they are asking me to take a sit with them and enjoy some tea or lemonade. It’s as each one has their own little soul.

  3. Jana O'Keefe says:

    Saw some of your art at the Round Barn in Waitsfield this October; purchased a print of the painting “Hollyhock Window” for a friend and am now framing it and found your website for more information. Nice work — looks like it’s evolving. . .!

    Are the tulip paintings still looking for a new home?

    Town scenes, flowers, and food

    “Tulip 3,” 5″ x 7″. A tulip closeup from underneath! I like the contrast of the purple background. (This and the red tulip were part of a series. Only two of these little tulip paintings left, so will sell for $50/each unframed, or $75 for both, plus tax and shipping)

    “Tulip 4,” 5″ x 7″. Mmmmm, red, red, red. (Only two of these little tulip paintings left, so will sell for $50/each unframed, or $75 for both, plus tax and shipping)

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