Not-so-traditional landscape

purple storm  “Purple Storm,” 11″ x 14″. I was coming home from New Hampshire, and taking photo after photo of the amazing clouds. Fortunately, I was not driving at the time! This is from one of those photos, although the colors are from my mind. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

“Upswept,” 14 1/2″ x 17″ Is this a “landscape”? I don’t know. I have changed the color of the cloud to turquoise and the sky to very dark red. I love the power of this image. NFS

“First Light,” 16″ x 20″. This is the first landscape that I have painted since the pandemic started that expressed light and hope. Yes, the clouds are dark and heavy and cover much of the image. But the light! It is too soon to tell how this country will fare politically, but at least we have competent people making an effort. Vaccinations have begun. Finally, hope! [$500 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

“Everything Is Alarming,” 12″ x 16″. It’s difficult to see in this thumbnail photo, but these trees are bare with tops in neon colors. Several people have said that this reminds them of exposed nerves. We all have pandemic fatigue. We all have political fatigue. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

“The 2020 Landscape 2,” 8″ x 8″. Here, I hoped to show the haunted quality of our collective experience. [NFS]

“The 2020 Landscape 1, 11″ x 14”. I found myself searching for images of “desolate landscapes” online. The Scottish moors fit the bill, and I altered the image, including adding a heavy layer of clouds. Yet it’s beautiful as well. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping.’

“It Was Always Here.” 11″ x 14″. I painted this on election day, 2020. So much was riding on that election. The country appeared torn apart. It seemed to me that much of what was happening could be traced back to our history of exploiting others, starting with the native population and continuing with people of color. Racism was always here. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

 “Hillside,” 11″ x 14″. The barn is an afterthought here. What matters is the sweep of the hill and its many variations. [$250 unframed, plus tax and shipping.]

 “Champlain 1,”  5″ x 7″. A little stylized image of Lake Champlain. Quiet water, swirling skies. [$175 framed, plus tax and shipping. $250 for both paintings if purchased with “Champlain 2” – listed with “more traditional landscapes” page ] Same view, two interpretations. Here is the other:

  “Look Up!” 16″ x 20″. An abstracted version of a swoopy sky over Caspian Lake in Greensboro, VT. I initially painted the sky more realistically, but the painting did not say what I wanted it to say. I gradually focused more on the swirling shapes, embellishing and accentuating them. NOW it feels right! [$500 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

  “Summer Shimmer,” 12″ x 16″. Oh, those light-drenched days of summer! It was not too far from the winter solstice when I painted this, and I needed a good dose of summer sun. That almost fluorescent green in the sky just sings of summer to me. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

  “Dawn Glow,” 9″ x 12″. I distorted the colors here, until I was left with almost a magenta in the hills. You’d think I would be happy enough with all the color in a Vermont autumn! But that magenta adds a richness that better coveys the power of fall combined with the glow of sunrise. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

  “Winged,”11″ x 14”. Sunrise at a friend’s home. Do you see the source of the title? As someone said on seeing this painting, “It makes me feel like flying.” A painting of spirit. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

  “Laden,” 7″ x 5″. A sweet little glimpse right outside my window after a heavy snowfall. I’ve chosen cool blues and purples: what I think of as the colors of winter. [$200 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

            “Pasture Rhythm 1” (left) and “Pasture Rhythm 2″ (right), 16″ x 20” each. These are twinned paintings, two sides of the same field. I was completely taken by the movement in the curves of the hills and the way that the mowed grasses followed the contours of the land. It was an interesting challenge to create two pieces that were clearly related, while still making each able to stand on its own.  struggled with this one, and made two prior versions (that’s four paintings!) that I discarded because they did not satisfy me. But third time’s the charm: these make me happy! [500 each framed, plus tax and shipping. $850 for the pair.]

  “Golden” 9″ x 12″. I’ve intensified the fall colors here (although perhaps not  as much as you would imagine!) to express the vividness of autumn in late afternoon light. [$300 framed, plus tax a shipping.]

 “Yin-Yang Landscape,” 12″ x 16″. The title refers to the contrast between the quiet of the lake and the fiery movement and color of the foreground. This is Caspian Lake in Greensboro, VT. I like this very much: the vividness of the colors and the rhythm of those grasses make me happy! [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

 “Summer Laughter,” 12″ x 16″. Driving the back roads last summer, I came across this field of flowers. What a delight! I combined it with playful rounded clouds, which do make me think of laughter bubbling up. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

dscf2828-2 “Worcester Village,” 9″ x 12″. Home! Although this is a very stylized version of the view that is familiar to all Worcesterites. I’ve greatly simplified the scene, and it makes me happy: that sweet iconic village in a purple-green-yellow color palette. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.]

Saguaro Silhouette “Saguaro Silhouettes,” 9″ x 12″. Saguaros are so varied. The Native people, the Tohono O’odham, say that they are people. [$300 framed, plus tax and shipping.] It’s worth showing the reference photo for this one…here it is:

DSCF1438   As you can see, I completely invented the sky! The painting is much yummier, don’t you think? I shortened the saguaros a bit to emphasize the sky.


“Along the Way,” 18″ x 12″. This was interesting! I kept the pine needles (and the sky) more or less their actual color, but pushed everything else toward red, even the mountains. I like the result, which has almost a western feel. The linearity of the pines towering over the shed and the sinuous road make a nice contrast. [$450 framed, plus tax and shipping]

Late-Day Grace

“Late-Day Grace,” 16″ x 20″. I make art goals episodically, and one of them is always that I want to make art that I love so much I can hardly stand it! This painting meets that standard for me. I love the colors and the glow of the sun and the complicated sky. [$500 framed, plus tax and shipping.]


“Sky Lilacs,” 9″ x 12″. Maybe I have arrived at a new stage as an artist: most of this image came to me in a dream! I saw the sky – yes, that color and texture – and the large bunch of lilacs at the top more or less as I painted them. I had a vague sense of green underneath, and decided to add the small farmhouse and other lilac bushes. There is something haunting about this image, I think, which makes sense given its origins. [$200 unframed, plus tax and shipping}


“February Dawn,” 9″ x 18″. Oh, my, I love these colors! I took the photo early one morning, looking to catch the early sun on the snow. Then I altered the colors, with magenta light on the blue of the snow and hot red-orange with magenta in the trees. I like how the play of light describes the undulations of the snow. [$350 framed, plus tax and shipping]

Afternoon Enchantment - Hill

“Afternoon Enchantment,” 16″ x 20″. Take a look in the “Sold” page and you will see a painting very similar indeed to this one. “Enchanted Afternoon” sold right after I made it, and I wanted another version of it for a show. So here it is! Almost the same title, too. But there are subtle differences between the paintings: like the parent of twins, I can tell them apart. Can you? This painting won second place at the Champlain Valley Fair!  [$500 framed, plus tax and shipping]


“Suffused With Gold, 16″ x 12”. I wanted to show that look of late afternoon in the early summer, when everything seems gilded, glowing. The sky has almost a gold haze and the trees look lit from within. It’s as if the sun were expressing itself in every leaf and blade of grass. [$450, plus tax and shipping]

004 (4)

“That Slanting Light,” 9″ x 12″. From an early morning photo shoot. I was so taken by the ribbon of bright light across the snow and just striking the tops of the buildings. In reality, this scene was almost all white: white snow, white buildings. But I can fix that! [$200 unframed, plus tax and shipping]

Hill - In the Meadow

“In the Meadow,” 11″ x 14″. This meadow is in East Hardwick; that sweep of grasses and brush had such beautiful movement to it. It was such fun to make it even more alive with hints or rich red and oranges. [$400 framed, plus tax and shipping]


“Two Feet of Snow,” 10″ x 18 1/2″. Very early morning on the County Road into Montpelier, not far from where I live. I decided to play with the snow colors; especially at either end of the day, snow is rarely white. I really liked putting all that magenta in there!($375 framed + tax and shipping)

“June Rhythm,” 18″ x 24″. This scene is in Calais, a neighboring town. I was completely enamored of the patterns the rows of corn made. And it made me happy to translate that into  purple and teal stripes in the foreground. ($600 framed, plus tax and shipping)

“Sherbet Road,” 7″ x 10″. This is another interpretation of  “Sky Road,” which you can see on the “sold” page. Since that one left, and I needed one of this scene for a special show (“In the Eye of the Beholder” – check out the description in “What’s New”), I figured that I would really go nuts with the color! Good enough to eat, isn’t it? ($225 framed, plus tax & shipping)

“Yellow Field,” 5″ x 7″. And this is the second one I made the same day. This sky was not really yellow, either! But I wanted to capture the sense of mid-summer heat and light, and yellow does that better than blue. ($100 unframed, plus tax & shipping)

“Strawberry Skies,” 5 1/2 x 7″. I am enjoying making sky that is pink or yellow rather than blue. In this case, I like the way the pink contrasts with the green of the hill. ($200 framed, plus tax & shipping)

4 Responses to Not-so-traditional landscape

  1. Carole Hass says:

    Do you dream in color?

  2. Joann Hinz says:

    A Tree Dance!

  3. Gail Anderson says:

    What a novel use of color! I like it a lot; it helps me to really “see” the scene because I am so surprised and the contrast forces me to assess what is fantasy and what is not. How freeing!

  4. Jan Litwack says:

    Marcia , I am delighted to see more of your work; Jan Litwack April 12,2014

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